Concretum is a proposal for a multipurpose café for dining and meetings. The cave-like concrete space is divided into several areas that would accommodate multiple guests from individuals to larger groups at the same time. One of the key aspects of Concretum is the combination of contrasting shapes, textures and levels and the idea of creating different spaces within a space. The neutral concrete base of the building allows the furniture and wall elements to be the main features of the space. The contrast between the grunge concrete surface and colourful marble furniture and details, as well as the mixture of straight lines and rounded corners, brings more unexpectedness to the experience of this environment. All imperfections of the concrete are left exposed and merged with eclectic metal and marble elements that give more colour to the space. One of the main focuses of this project was to design this place in a way that would allow each zone to read independently from the rest of the space and match with each other at the same time.

The planning of the space allows users to occupy the café in many different ways and observe each other from different levels. Visitors would access the café through a marble arch that would lead them to the main space with a bar, which is the most muted area of Concretum as I wanted to concentrate the main attention in this zone on the colourful food and drinks being sold. The only contrasting detail in that part of the cafe is a red certain, through which the visitors would have to walk through in order to get to the restroom. On the same floor people have a choice of seats in individual and group areas, one of which is separated from the main area with a wall that isolates the space from the central part of the café and creates a more intimate environment. The concrete staircase next to the main entrance leads the visitors to the second floor, which is the only place where natural light can enter the room through a round window. Window-like mirrors were added to one of the walls to bring another element of surprise into the space. The main source of lighting are neon ceiling and wall lamps that illuminate different parts of the room. In order to bring more life into the space, plants were added to walls in different parts of the café.