My project is a fashion set that reflects crafts in the context of technology. Inspired by the destroyed Kowloon Walled City in Hong Kong, the set takes the audience through a completely different environment built within Little Venice and gives them an opportunity to experience a fashion show in a new different way. The show starts right next to Harrow Road Bridge on one of the sides of Grand Union Canal, where visitors would be a able to get on boats with gondoliers that would take small groups of people through the set. After doing one 10-minute round, during which visitors would get to see all the structures and models with garments, the audience would get off on the opposite side of the canal where they started so that the boat can be used by the next group of people. The set itself consists of a number of free- standing and connected structures, all lit by spotlights or neon lamps. Some parts of the runway would also have screens that would show videos and details of the fashion collection.

Before the start of the show models would have to get to their allocated spots through the backstage dressing room, which is connected to one part of the set near Warwick Ave. Those models that have to stand on separate little islands on the water would be taken to their spots by gondoliers before the show.

Another important part of the experience is the fog that would surround the whole set and obscure the surrounding buildings and certain parts of the runway so that the audience could not see where they are going and what part of Little Venice they are in.